What if there was a convenient resource that included everything from a healthy and diverse selection of recipes, to kids activities and snacks, to tips and tricks on how to best select, store, freeze, and dry fresh fruit? Now there is. Here at Chelan Fresh, we hold living a healthy lifestyle in the highest regard. And we also know that life can get busy at times and it is easy to run out of fresh and new ideas on how to eat healthy. We're here to help.

Our complimentary Healthy You In One Minute handbook is just the resource you need. Flip through the colorful pages filled with new insights on living a healthy lifestyle with apples, cherries, and pears and find what you need in 60 seconds or less! Whether you are looking for recipes to feed your family or are a babysitter looking for activities to do with children while you work, our Healthy You In One Minute handbook will surely provide everything needed. Let us help you live a healthy lifestyle and have fun while doing it!

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