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He invented a number of surgical instruments for purposes corresponding to inspection of the interior of the urethra and for eradicating international our bodies from the throat, the ear, and other physique organs. He was also the first for example the varied cannulae and to treat warts with an iron tube and caustic metallic as a boring instrument. He describes what is regarded as the first try at reduction mammaplasty for the administration of gynaecomastia and the primary mastectomy to deal with breast most cancers. He is credited with the performance of the primary thyroidectomy. Al-Zahrawi pioneered strategies of neurosurgery and neurological diagnosis, treating head injuries, cranium fractures, spinal injuries, hydrocephalus, subdural effusions and headache. The first scientific description of an operative process for hydrocephalus was given by Al-Zahrawi, who clearly describes the evacuation of superficial intracranial fluid in hydrocephalic youngsters.

The David J. Sugarbaker, M.D. Division of Thoracic Surgery Endowed Fund has been created to support the training of future thoracic surgeons to hold on his legacy. We are dedicated to creating an environment the place surgical investigators uncover new knowledge, develop innovations, and translate research advances into enhancements in patient care. As surgeons, our chosen profession has the facility to affect the steadiness of life and death every day.