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And I ended up married to a fraternity man, although we weren’t on the same school. I was normally eating pizza at three AM instead of muffins. Man, do I miss that 20-year-old metabolism…. The Starbucks on my college campus was also a giant hit as a result of it was the only one around…. Dining corridor, Starbucks aaaaand that was about it. I love muffins, however largely 1 minute muffins as a result of LAZY.

Katie, this is additionally great “no bake.” Believe it or not, I’ve made this as directed besides I didn’t bake the batter. It makes a scrumptious Vegan brownie batter, and one can heat-treat the flour prior to including it to the other elements, too, if desired. Maybe strive it “no bake” or “unbaked” sometime.