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Keep an eye out for the birds hopping alongside their backs in a search for ticks and other bugs, and beautiful herons often glide into the body. Kijang and peacocks may also be seen here from the viewing tower. This lovely meadow, backed by rolling, forested hills, is a 2km walk from Trianggulasi.

Now that I’ve seen the 2, the original was by far the superior of the 2 but this isn’t one of the absolute worst remakes I’ve seen. The movie just lacks a real sense of terror and the methods used are more for shock scares then setting a really scary ambiance. The performing appears extra stoic than capturing and the film tries to be more then it’s. There are moments were the film shines but total that is yet another unnecessary remake of a superior overseas horror movie. Verified reviews are considered more reliable by fellow moviegoers. Featuring wooden performances and minimal scares, The Eye is one other tedious remake of an Asian horror movie.