Eye Surgery

Shade Psychology

The Profile of Mood States (POMS; McNair et al. 1964) and the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI; Spielberger et al. 1970; Spielberger et al. 1983) are commonly applied to investigate temper (Oishi et al. 2003; Park et al. 2009; Tsunetsugu et al. 2010; Park et al. 2010) and anxiety state . Furthermore, Kobayashi et al. performed a large-scale area experiment throughout Japan in 60 forests generally known as “therapy bases” maintained for forest bathing. Finally, a few notable studies have confirmed the appreciable physiological and psychological results not only of remote forests but also of urban forests (Tsunetsugu et al. 2013; Tyrväinen et al. 2014b).

The time period restorative practices, along with phrases like restorative approaches, restorative justice practices and restorative options, are more and more used to describe practices related to or derived from restorative conferences and circles. In 1999 the newly created IIRP broadened its coaching to casual and proactive restorative practices, in addition to formal restorative conferencing . Since then the IIRP, an accredited graduate college, has developed a comprehensive framework for apply and theory that expands the restorative paradigm far beyond its origins in legal justice (McCold & Wachtel, 2001, 2003). Use of restorative practices is now spreading worldwide, in training, legal justice, social work, counseling, youth providers, workplace and religion group applications .